It's Fashion Week

My coworker (and she's a fashion blogger) Aney discovered we could redeem our Air Miles for WMCFW tickets so after some quick gasps and calendar checks we got reserved seats for BMO Fashion Saturday (yay!). This was my first time at a fashion show, but the catwalk, folded seats, and calm struts already seemed so familiar. Perhaps too much time spent watching runway videos (I can only withstand the most outrageously artistic ones, mind you). The show consisted of four designers and the highlights from their SS15 collection, so in the spirit of highlights you shall find mine below.

We opted for black long sleeve tops and sheer skirts (I'll admit it's fun to match sometimes), and right along that train of thought was the last designer who inevitably became our favourite of the show. My only thoughts while watching Matthew Gallagher's pieces float past was "dat flow though" - pastels, silks, breezy, love! I hope to get more of this movement into my wardrobe.

The last stop was the pop-up shop for the participating designers. It just made me want to sew... I've been insanely busy with work and have had hardly any time to sew, film, or edit. At the event a subscriber even said hi to me and I was so touched, so I really want to make more videos soon! I will be back, I promise. Until then, I at least managed to make a small vlog, hope you enjoy!