Can't Touch This

I feel like the whole scarf scene got very impatient with trench coat weather and ushered it out the door so soon. Where did the long mild Autumn days go? If we could just ease slowly into winter, take our time with days getting shorter and trees turning barer - wouldn’t that be nice? Instead my trench coat now offers little to no protection against the outdoor chill and is back in the closet. We’ll just have to find solace in the fact that this weather pattern will let our thin jackets last a very long time because they are not getting much wear…

On to the scarves, but since my whole shop is built on these neck-warmers I can’t say I’m actually that bitter. I guess ain’t even cold about it, in fact I’m really warming up to the whole thing (that’s it for puns I promise, don’t leave me). This is only the second year of me running the shop, and my first time bringing it all under one umbrella at (hope you like the website!). Last year I sold around 70 online. It was a shipping bonanza and I can’t believe how little sleep happened during the crazy weeks. This year I have a bunch of new styles and am still shipping away each day. The best is when I get orders from strangers, my eyes just go big and I think "a stranger!!". Who knew people I’ve never met could get me so excited? But I am truly thankful whenever I see orders come through because the support helps me know people like what’s going on.

Every time I step out these days I wrap up in this camel-toned number from last year’s collection. It was my hands down favourite for the texture, structure, and colour - I named it "Thirsty Camel" for that rich tan hue. Sometimes I think even if everyone couldn’t care for my scarves,  I would still be making them because they are just so unapologetically warm and fierce. When that icy wind hits, I just cocoon my cheeks into those wool walls and hit play for MC Hammer, "Can’t Touch This". Ears covered, cheeks covered, neck covered, yeah we fancy huh.

Can your scarf do this?? If you want to know my favourite from this year’s collection, I’d have to say it’s "Tangled Thoughts" for the embedded yarn patterns. What’s yours?


Scarf: Mine, "Thirsty Camel"
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Cardigan: Community
Shirt: Talula
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Shoes: Senso