DIY: Denim Button Up Shirt

Wore my denim button up shirt that I made 2 years ago out as things started to move into Fall weather (Summer don't go just stop please). I paired it with a slip dress I made this year and felt a little old meets new about it all. This had been my first attempt at a button up and at the time was the hardest project I had ever attempted.

I dug up the original tips I had posted when I shared this tutorial from my Tumblr:

2.5 metres of denim cotton
0.5 metres of fusible interfacing
5 front buttons
5 decorative buttons

Don’t rush
Make sure it fits your shoulders right
Let gravity do the work when you wonder where to put the buttons

Looking at this advice it's certainly all true, debatable how much support it provided at the time though. I think I'd like to try something else like this in the future, but a crisp white button up instead. Two whole years of learning has passed!

Here's the video! Brace yourself for the hair throwback.


Button Up: Mine
Slip Dress: Mine
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Boots: Senso


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