DIY: Off-Shoulder Dress (by Jetset Diaries)

6 hours before heading to the airport for LA I started working on this dress, it was 11 PM. Suffice it to say I did not sleep that night but here we are with a new tutorial! This dress is based off a Jetset Diaries piece called the Mulher Bonita dress with Frill Bardot.

I first spotted this dress on Chriselle's instagram while she was in Santorini. Knowing that off-shoulder pieces were the weapon of choice to keep back shoulder strap tan lines, this was an ideal tutorial for sunny days. Unfortunately for me I had already been blasted by the sun in all sorts of tank tops and sports bras, so my tan damage was irreversible (such is life).

I matched the stripe design with a linen navy/beige stripe fabric that was $25. The original is about $300 so it felt good to make my own for a fraction of the cost. 

You will need:
- 1.5 yards linen fabric
- 6" invisible zipper
- 1 yard thin elastic

Here are the steps and video tutorial!
Try to avoid my route of sewing for 6 hours straight on no sleep :)

1. Cut out the top frill (7" tall x 2 yds long)
2. Cut out the body piece to resemble a trapezoid on a rectangle (11" tall x 24" wide at base, 12" at top)
3. Cut out the waistband and interfacing (4" tall x 31" long each)
4. Cut out the skirt front (19" tall x 60" wide)
5. Cut out the two skirt backs (19" tall x 30" wide each)
6. Sew the two short ends of the frill right sides together to form a loop
7. Sew down one raw side of the frill to house the elastic, but leave a gap to slide in the elastic
8. Safety pin the elastic band on one end to the raw seam edges of the frill to secure it
9. Safety pin the free end of the elastic band and use that to weave it through the housing
10. Bring the two elastic band ends together, check that it's a snug fit across your shoulders and chest
11. Stitch the elastic ends together, tuck it into the housing, seal the gap
12. Hem the two diagonal edges and side edges of the body piece
13. Pin and sew the frill front to the body piece at the top
14. Fold the waistband in half and sew the long edges together, right sides out
15. Sew the folded edge of the waistband to the body piece, lining up the stripes
16. Sew one back skirt piece to each side of the front skirt piece along the short edges, right sides together
17. Add two parallel stitches along the top edge of the skirt on the longest stitch length possible
18. On one end of the parallel stitches, knot together the top two strands
19. On the other end of the parallel stitches, knot together the bottom tow strands
20. Tug on the free strands on either side to ruffle the skirt
21. Once the skirt ruffle width matches the waistband, sew the skirt to the bottom of the waistband right sides together
22. Seal the back with an invisible zipper, here's the tips I use:
23. Hem the bottom edge of the skirt and frill by folding the edge in twice and sealing with a straight stitch

I got to wear this twice in my LA vlog! If you missed it you can see more of how the dress looks.


Off-shoulder dress: Mine
Sunglasses: Quay
Hat: J.Crew
Shoes: Steve Madd


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