DIY: Neoprene Tank

I have wanted to make something with neoprene for so long and this turned out to be a very approachable first project. Neoprene has no need for hemming and doesn't wrinkle, so it's an easy material and coincidentally amazing for travel. While everything else in my luggage suffered from being rolled up tight all the way to LA, only this tank came out crisp ready to go. My friend Aney and I grabbed a few early morning shots at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and I put this tank top with a bright sports bra and workout leggings.

Here are my steps and the video tutorial.

1. Cut out a front and back rectangle in the neoprene (20" wide x 15" tall")
2. Fold and cut the front and back pieces so they are symmetrical when unfolded, there should be two peaks on the front and back each for the straps
3. Add dart marks on the front piece 4.5" down from the peaks
4. Add dart marks on the sides of the front and connect all with straight lines
5. Pin along the darts to align the straight lines and sew in place
6. Sew the front to the back along the sides
7. Cut a 1" strip for the straps
8. Fold the strap in half and sew with a straight stitch, snipping off any excess so it looks clean
9. Attach the straps to the tank top with a few back and forth stitches

Here's a few more photos from Toronto, as featured in the video. If you're ever uncomfortable in just leggings outside, my approach go-to solution is to tie a denim shirt at the waistband.


Neoprene Tank: Mine
Earrings: Lavender Moon
Leggings: Titika
Sports Bra: Aerie
Dress Shirt: Aritzia
Shoes: Nike


Allure of Simplicity
Dallas Kwok