DIY: Winter Cape/Cloak/Poncho

Went on a road trip with two friends to Chicago and took this new cape I made for a whirl. It's impossible to toss the neck wrap over the shoulder without looking dramatic but, no complaints.

This cape was based off a poncho I spotted online from JetsetJustine, but instead I spent $60 at the fabric store on some fab grey wool. I started with 2 yards of wool and used almost every last bit (always feels good to maximize!).

Here are the steps and the video tutorial for you. If you want to make this easy you can skip the pockets (steps 10-19).

1. Cut the body piece to be 60" x your wingspan from wrist to wrist (mine was 55")
2. Cut the neck wrap to be 12" x 60"
3. Cut two pieces of pocket lining to be 16" x 6" each
4. Cut four pieces of pocket seals to be 3" x 6" each
5. Hem all four edges of the body piece by folding 1 cm and sewing with a straight stitch
6. Cut the body piece open down the middle of the front side
7. Cut a neckhole that is 4" wide and tall, with only 1" dipping in the back and the remaining 3" in the front to have the front neckline be lower
8. Hem the two straight edges that are the opening of the cape
9. Fold the cape opening edges in 2" and secure with a straight stitch along the bottom edge
10. Fold the pocket seals in half along the long edge and seal with a straight stitch, make sure the right side of the fabric is on the outside
11. Sew one pocket seal on each side of the pocket lining, right sides together, the pocket seal lips should both point inward
12. Bring one pocket seal lip to touch the other lip and seal the two sides of the pockets with a straight stitch
13. Cut a slit in the left and right sides of the cape front for the pockets, 5" up from the bottom edge and 8" in from the front opening
14. Add a small V incision on both ends of the slits so that it can be unfolded into a skinny rectangle
15. Tuck the flaps that were just cut under and pin them to the pockets on the left and right of the cape
16. Sew the pockets to the body along the edge closer to the front
17. Sew the pockets to the body in a C-shape around the remaining 3 edges
18. On the inside of the cape, tuck the pocket lining into the front flap and hand stitch it to the flap in the two corners
19. Cut off any excess pocket fabric to reduce bulk
20. Hem all four edges of the neck wrap piece just like how the body was hemmed
21. Pin the neck wrap piece to the body neckline, starting about 8" down the left side and al all the way to 8" down the right side, the rest will be unattached so it can be wrapped around the neck


Cape: Mine
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Pants: Rag & Bone
Boots: Senso