DIY: Slouchy Sweater

Throwback to one of my older tutorials, but currently picking up speed on Youtube (yes I do nerd over the analytics sometimes). With the temperature dropping and our minds entering hibernation mode, it only makes sense that the feelings for slouchy sweaters grow stronger. Well, time to whip one of these together if you haven't yet, it's easy!

I've written out the steps below, and if you'd like tips on how to size the collar and cuffs the video was originally posted with some helpful guidance on my tumblr.

1. Cut a 4 inch wide strip to be used for waistband and cuffs
2. Cut a 3 inch wide strip to be used for the collar
3. Cut out a front and back that doesn't have shoulders, instead connect the neckline about 2 inches in from the shoulder point to the armpit (approximate numbers to help you get the diagonal style)
4. Cut out 2 sleeves that have a 4 inch concave curve along the top, and then connects to the armpit with a straight edge (approximate numbers to help you get the diagonal style)
5. Pin and sew the sleeves to the body pieces, right sides together along the diagonal edges, in the order of sleeve-front-sleeve-back
6. Seal the left and right sides of the sweater with the right sides together, making sure the armpit seams line up
7. Adjust the neckline in the front to the desired depth and cut off excess fabric
8. Cut waistband and wrist cuffs to be able to stretch snugly over your hips and your elbows respectively
9. Sew the waistband and wrist cuffs into loops along the short edge, right sides together
10. Cut the collar to gently stretch in order to match the circumference of the neckline
11. Sew the collar into a loop along the short edge, right sides together
12. Fold the waistband, cuffs, and collar in half to tuck away the raw seam and leave a loop with only the right sides exposed
13. Pin these to their appropriate spot, stretching the fabric as you go to keep the placement even
14. Sew the waistband, cuffs, and collar in place using a zigzag stitch, stretching as you go so that the fabric lays flat as it enters the machine


Sweater: Mine
Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Shoes: Adidas
Jacket: Aritzia


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