DIY: Varsity Jacket

For anyone who keeps up with my Instagram adventures, you know that this jacket has been a MISSION trying to get the tutorial up. A manifestation of my intense optimism was all my empty promises that it would come "soon". Please accept every fibre of my apologies but at last, it is here.

The monogram is probably my favourite part! If you're really sharp, you might notice that I didn't fully complete the snap fastener set. I got through one half and realized I would never wear it buttoned up, so I left it at that... could we call it art? Laziness? Pragmatic? Can't decide.

I've drawn out some steps in my notebook:

2 yd ribbed knit for collar, cuffs, waistband
1 yd fleece/wool for outer shell of body
1 yd white leather for right sleeve and pockets
1 yd black leather for left sleeve
1 yd lining for inner shell of body and pockets

1. Stencil cut the faux fur
2. Glue faux fur to black leather and cut out a border
3. Glue onto white leather and cut another border
4. Glue onto jacket's left chest

Jacket Pieces to Cut
2 front pieces of wool & lining
1 back piece of wool & lining
1 black sleeve
1 white sleeve
2 rectangular pieces of wool (roughly 3" x 6")
2 cuffs of ribbed knit
1 bottom waistband of ribbed knit
1 collar of ribbed knit
2 rectangles for pocket lining (roughly 8" x 16")
4 white leather flaps for pockets (roughly 7" x 3")

Jacket Pieces to Sew
1. Attach wool along shoulders front & back
2. Attach lining along shoulders front & back
3. Attach sleeves to wool armhole
4. Seal sides of wool starting from the armpit
5. Seal sleeve starting from the armpit
6. Seal sides of lining
7. Sew the cuff pieces into tubes and fold to make cuffs
8. Sew the waistband to the rectangular wool pieces
9. Attach the waistband to the jacket bottom
10. Attach the collar to the neckline
11. Create the pockets with the lining & leather
12. Cut a hole for the pockets and sew into the jacket
13. Attach the cuffs, monogram, and snap fasteners
14. Fold in the raw lining edges on the inside of the jacket and hand sew to the raw wool seam edges so it is hidden inside

Here is the video!