DIY: Slip Dress

The last time I wore sleepwear outside my home was probably when I lived in university residence with all the other first years. I'd like to consider this a big step up from oversized tees and soft shorts/leggings. To avoid looking like you confused your front door with your bathroom door and somehow ended up outside, just put on some polished accessories and layers. That's how you get the slip dress out of the house.

My slip dress also skipped the lace to really remove the bedroom elements. Instead, I layered chiffon over silk to give it a breezy summer look.

Here are the steps and the video tutorial for you.

1. Cut out a front and back piece in the silk and the chiffon that is as wide as a loose-fitting tank
2. Cut the front pieces to have a shallow V
3. Cut the back pieces to have a deeper curve
4. Sew two darts to the chest of the two front pieces
5. Sew the silk front and back right sides together
6. Sew the chiffon front and back right sides together
7. Tear a 1.5 inch strip of chiffon fabric
8. Fold into thirds and sew with a straight line to make the strap
9. Cut two generous strap pieces, and sew two loops from the leftover strap
10. Pin the chiffon to the inside of the silk, with both layers right side out
11. Pin the strap pieces to the inside of the front
12. Pin the loop pieces to the inside of the back
13. Sew the silk to the chiffon all the way around the top edge
14. Flip the chiffon to be outside the dress
15. Pull out the straps and loops and tie the strap to the desired length
16. Cut off any excess strap and trim the dress bottom to the desired length

StyleHaul posted this slip dress styled three ways for summer on their Instagram, here it is if you missed it.


Slip Dress: Mine
Bag: Mine
Clutch: Kate Spade
Hat: J.Crew
Jacket: Club Monaco
Stilletos: J.Crew
Leather Espadrilles: Club Monaco


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