Me, in Progress

If you follow me on instagram you may remember seeing this jacket before!

There are lots of days I block off completely, with full intent that SO MUCH sewing is going to get done. But somehow even still the fabric and thread and machine seem to plot against me and leave me crawling into bed in the wee hours with an unfinished project (so don't ever feel bad when your sewing projects take longer than expected!). I had all these dreams of how I was going to wear that finished project the next day (and most likely I NEEDED to wear that project the next day because I procrastinated, let's be honest), so in the roughest of times I've dragged myself out of bed in the wee hours to finish before the sun rises. There are other times though, where I just wear it out unfinished - like this varsity jacket.

The fact that this piece was not done was painfully obvious to me: missing lining, no pockets, no monogram, and um only ONE button?! If you didn't see it before, now you do. Unfortunately, this was THE DAY my friend Aney and I had arranged a photo session with Dallas, a talented photographer we found on the 3rd floor of our building. I didn't have any time left, but I wanted to wear it so badly! What about all my dreams about wearing it for the shoot?? Well... I ended up wearing it to work, and of course quietly wondering if others noticed the missing pieces too. They didn't, in fact I was actually surprised to receive a lot of compliments! One person even said the lone button was stylistic, which really got me thinking as to whether or not I should just leave it that way. Struggles.

So here we have it, I wore something out unfinished and even got that decision engrained in history via photographs (thank you Dallas for the pictures!). In the end though, I think this whole event reflects a bit of me - a mix of ambition and honesty. The jacket was one of the most challenging projects I had ever attempted, but I'm okay with sharing the in-progress journey. What I've realized is that as I keep trying new things, even the "finished pieces" are really just me in progress.
What is something you're thinking of trying this year?



Jacket: Mine, inspired by Opening Ceremony
Shirt: Club Monaco
Belt: J.Crew
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: J.Crew