DIY: White Linen Dress

I got a special opportunity to custom print my own fabric at Sparkbox Studio with the help of Burt's Bees. Hope you enjoy seeing a bit more of the fashion design process!

Some quick instructions on the linen dress for you.

- 2 yards linen
- 4 yards matching lace
- 1 yard bias tape
- 1 small button
- 1 small piece of elastic to secure the button

1. Cut a front and back piece from tracing an existing dress shirt, 21" tall
2. Sew these right side together along the shoulders
3. Cut two sleeves from tracing an existing dress shirt
4. Sew these right side together to the two armholes
5. Cut a 2" slit down the middle of the back neckline
6. Sew the top right sides together from the armpits down the sides and down the sleeves
7. Cut a 14" x 54" rectangle of linen and sew into a tube
8. Cut a 54" strip of lace and sew into a tube
9. Attach the lace and linen tubes along the top edge, right sides both facing outwards
10. Pin the tube evenly along the bottom of the top to create a ruffled skirt
11. Sew right sides together, and add an extra stitch above the seam to help the skirt lie flat
12. Sew another skirt of lace to the bottom of the dress
13. Hem the sleeves by folding inward twice and sewing with a straight stitch
14. Sew the bias tape to the neckline to hem
15. Tuck in the raw edges of the back slit and sew with a straight stitch
16. Add a button and loop the elastic on opposite sides of the back slit to seal the back