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"the armour to create"

A collection for the dreamers and makers, co-designed with my favourite Etsy Canada creators.
( march / april 2018 )

All items ship to Canada and USA, for other countries click the item to see shipping policies.

Prod - Rose.gif

Rose Patch

$14 CAD

Prod - Cord.gif

Cord Keeper

$14 CAD

Prod - Pin.gif

Withwendy Pin

$15 CAD

Prod - Bunny.gif

Dreaming Bunny

$24 CAD

Prod - Wallet.gif

Mini Wallet

$48 CAD

Prod - Apron.gif

Work Apron

$48 CAD

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special thanks

Melissa (@etsyca) thank you for believing in me and letting me work with the beautiful creativity that is found on Etsy. Happy birthday!!

Robin (@fitzydesign) you're always such a joy to run into at craft shows and I've loved your clean and minimal creations since the first keychain strap I owned of yours. I'm so glad we have a red series together, and lost my mind when I first saw the gold emboss on the back of the wallet!

Claire and Rachel (@wkndrsforlife) if our video calls are any indication of what it would be like to hang in-person, I cannot wait for my next west coast visit! You made me in pin form become a reality and I love her determined facial expression so much.

Lora and Kristen (@sun_and_stars_co) it is clear from everything that you do that you value quality and inspiring some child-like imagination. Our pillow is so precious and the work apron is my new studio staple.

Lastly, It is because of you and your support that I can work with these amazing Canadian creators. Stay tuned for all the fun we're about to have ahead!



Thank you for supporting our latest "Hands and Thread" t-shirt. This is now sold out, S/S 2018 will be coming soon.


"think of all the hands that touch your clothing before it gets to you."

Working with Thread International, I travelled to Haiti to witness firsthand their process of turning plastic waste into fabric, which we used to produce this line of t-shirts. I met the local workers, journeyed their bumpy roads, ate delicious fried plantains, and wrestled with the balance of observing silently and asking every question. I have my followers to thank for such a special experience and wish for everyone to consider more carefully the impact of their clothing purchases on the world. Thank you for everyone who watched, shared, and bought our t-shirt!