DIY: Clear Raincoat


Here's how I made my own clear raincoat, I guess the perfect item to stay dry and show off your outfit at the same time. I also couldn't help but think of "Emperor's New Clothes" while making this item. That funny ground between "does this look good?" and "it's see-through."


3 metres clear vinyl
10 metres folded bias tape in the colour of your choice
2 invisible zippers (optional, but can provide ventilation)
1 pack of snap closures
sewing clips (pins will cause permanent punctures!)


1. Create a pattern from a large jacket, such as a winter parka, tracing the front, back, hood, and sleeves (I originally also traced pockets, so those can be included!)
2. Using the pattern, cut out one symmetrical back, two symmetrical fronts (one left and one right), 2 symmetrical sleeves (one left and one right), 2 symmetrical hood pieces
3. Test the material in the sewing machine first, a stitch between 3 to 3.5 is recommended
4. Clip the shoulders right sides together and tuck this inside the bias tape
5. Sew the bias tape to the shoulders with a straight stitch
6. Press down the bias tape to lie on its side, and sew another straight stitch to secure it
7. Sew the bias tape along the two armholes
8. Sew the sleeves to the armholes, placing it under the armhole edge so it hides behind the bais tape
9. Fold the sleeves right sides together and sew the sleeves shut with a straight stitch from the armpit to sleeve opening
10. Sew the zippers to the underarms, attaching them first to the back of the jacket and then doing the front (this is optional and only recommended if you're pretty comfortable with zippers, it's a lot of gripping and pushing)
11. Sew the rest of the sides shut from the bottom of the zipper to the bottom of the jacket
12. Sew the two hood halves together, lying them one on top of the other along the curved middle back
13. Sew the hood to the neck hole, starting at the middle and sewing to the two ends of the neck hole to ensure symmetry
14. Mark the centre back all the way down the jacket with small permanent pen dots
15. Using the dots as a guide, sew the bias tape down the centre of the hood and centre back
16. Sew the bias tape to all the open edges, cutting it at corners to start each corner fresh (the hood, to the front opening, to the bottom, and the sleeve openings)
17. Add snap closures to the front (I will post pictures once I do this, but for now if you need some guidance click here)

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