DIY: Mini Backpack (Fjällräven Kånken style)

I've been seeing this backpack pop up everywhere, it's so cute and there are so many colours!

If you're coming over from my video tutorial, here are the raw fabric dimensions for you:

Front, Back Panel: 9" wide, 12.5" tall each (approx. 23 cm x 31.75 cm)
Side panel: 15" wide, 41" long (approx. 38 cm x 104.25 cm)
Front Pocket Top Piece: 7" wide, 5" tall (approx. 17.75 cm x 12.75 cm)
Front Pocket Bottom Piece: 7" wide, 6" tall (approx. 17.75 cm x 15.25 cm)
Front Handle: 23" long (approx. 58.5 cm)
Back Adjuster Strips: 2.5" long (approx. 6.25 cm)
Back Straps: 80" long (approx. 203.25 cm)
Zippers: 3x13" long (approx. 33 cm)

This will get you the mini backpack, but if you'd like to see the dimensions for other sizes here is a guide for the mini and the classic, as well as three laptop sizes.

Here's the video!

Below are a few supplies if you'd like to shop online, but make sure the strap and buckles selected match in width:

Backpack Zipper White.jpg

Double Slide Zipper

(101.5 cm, more colours available)

Backpack Zipper.jpg

Double Slide Zipper

(76 cm, black)

Backpack Zipper Yellow.jpg

Double Slide Zipper

(101.5 cm, more colours available)

Backpack Buckles.jpg

Backpack Buckles

(25 mm, black)

Backpack Strap.jpg

Heavyweight Polypropylene Webbing

(2.5mm, more colours available)