DIY: Knit Underwire Tank (Orseund Iris Style)


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- February, 2018

What isn’t shown above is the conversation that followed about how it seemed to be a top that would look best on smaller-chested people. And so began a long summer mulling over whether or not I should make this eye-catching tank top. I guess I finally decided to find out for myself :)

There was an added incentive to use some knit fabric I had been hoarding for YEARS, so here’s how it began.


0.75 yards of ribbed knit (tube should be wide enough to slip on you)
2 underwires (I used A cup size and could not have fit anything bigger, so I advise going small!)
Quilt batting (small amount)
Strong string (for flipping the straps easier)
Matching thread (there is some exposed stitching)


Let’s get a closeup

As you can see, the A cup wires filled the entire width, so I’m glad I didn’t go with anything larger.


1. Cut a rectangle that is wide enough to snugly fit your torso, and tall enough to be 2x the distance from your armpit to waist (mine was 33 x 65 cm)
2. Fold the tube in half to sew the long edges together with a straight stitch, right sides touching
3. Bring the raw edges wrong sides together, which folds the whole tube in half
4. Seal the bottom raw edges together with a wide zigzag stitch while pulling on the fabric, which makes a lettuce leaf finish
5. Cut two rectangles for the straps that are 3 cm wide and long enough to connect front and back over your shoulders (mine was 40 cm each)
6. Cut two rectangles for the wire casing that are 5 cm wide and long enough to cover the wires without too many wrinkles
7. Cut two rectangles of quilt batting that are 2.5 cm wide and same length as the wire casing
8. Fold the casing in half, right sides together and place flush with the quilt batting. Sew this along one short end, then down the long end with a straight stitch to close it into a tube
9. Flip the casing inside out, and insert the underwire
10. Pinch the open end of the casing to hide the excess fabric and sew it shut by hand, repeat this for the other underwire
11. Try on the knit tube top and use safety pins to fix the wires where desired
12. Take off the tube top and add more safety pins to secure the wires straight and symmetrical
13. Sew the wires to the tube top with a straight stitch along the bottom edge
14. Tie a knot with the strong string and place this in the strap as you fold it right sides together
15. Sew along the top and long edge of the strap to create a closed tube that holds the string inside (make sure you never sew over the strong on the long edge!)
16. Pull on the strong string to help flip the strap inside out
17. Try on the tube top and use safety pins to mark the ideal strap spots
18. Sew on the straps by hand so the thread only pierces the inside fabric layer