TOUR: My Studio Loft and #IKEAcatalogue2020

Our new studio loft is shaping up (as in, I have successfully filled it with an abundance of organizational supplies) and it goes without saying that IKEA is a home staple - past, present, and future. On my Instagram I posted this wide photo with an “I Spy” theme, did you spot six items new to IKEA? Here’s the rhyme…

Swipe for a tour and a game of I Spy,
@IKEACanada has new items to try 💙
Of the tons that’s new I’ve chosen six,
Can you find a yellow page?
Or a storage box with a lid?
The FJÄLLA now comes in blue,
if you find it, say “I did!”

Understandably, I have no plans to change careers and become a children’s book writer. But if you’re ready to see if you were right about what’s new at IKEA here’s the answer below!

  1. IKEA 2020 Catalogue (duh, it’s new 😉)

  2. SAXBORGA storage box with mirrored lid (I’ve been using its stacked layers for my stationary)

  3. NISSAFORS utility cart (here to try and steal your heart from the RÅSKOG)

  4. SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker (IKEA’s new collaboration with SONOS, this speaker comes in white too!)

  5. BROGRUND touch top trash can (this has been the perfect sewing studio bin, can confirm the lid is very satisfying)

  6. FJÄLLA magazine file (a classic, but the blue and white grid print is new and helping me not feel so minimal)

Bonus points if you can count how many other IKEA items are visible in this shot, I just took a quick stab at it and found twelve. And I suppose extra bonus points if you can name all twelve?? Certainly if you can find and name all the IKEA items in my studio you don’t need any explanation on how to see what’s new at IKEA. But in case you needed a reminder, it’s all in-store, online, and in the IKEA 2020 catalogue ;)

This week we’re working on building a divider to help the “bedroom” feel a little bit more private. I’m really looking forward to sharing those updates with you! Thanks for dropping by!

This post was sponsored by IKEA and their 2020 Catalogue, thank you IKEA!

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